Week 57  This week we get the first parts for the pom pom guns

The bits we received

And what we did with them

I have some nice turned barrels (see picture in week 48) which I need to fit first.

First, I cut off two of the barrels.  This leaves two barrels which I can use to align the brass ones.

Carefully drill out holes to that the new barrels.  I used a 1mm drill.  Make sure that the drill is parallel to the remaining plastic barrels.

The brass barrels are too long, so cut the excess length off with a pair of wire cutters.  Then glue them in place with super glue.  Make sure the barrels are the same length as the plastic ones, and make sure they are all parallel.

Finally, repeat the above steps to replace the other two barrels.  Now repeat this for all 6 sets of barrels.

To be continued.......

Things not yet done

Issue 56 : Paint the turrets.

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