Week 55  This week we get part for the barbettes

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Barbette 1.  I started by gluing a type A disc to type B disc, and two type a discs together.  I used white glue, they lined them up carefully and clamped them together with pegs.  Then check the alignment again.

The two pairs above were glued together, and the single type A disc formed barbette 2.  As usual, I've labelled pars for easy identification.

I didn't follow the instructions here.  I sanded the barbettes smooth first.  Then I painted them with superglue.  I gave the super glue a couple of hours to go off properly, then I gave them a final sanding to check that they were smooth.  The super glue has a matt surface after sanding, so you should be able to see any defects.  The superglue soaks into the wood, making it easy to glue parts to them, and to paint them later. 

The ladder is easy to glue to barbette one.

You need to roll a curve into the trim for barbette two.  I used a sheet of rubber to press on, and a fat handled paint brush as a roller.  One of my daughter's, if you couldn't guess !

You can use a mouse mat, or some other soft surface to roll on.  Medium pressure resulted in a nice even semicircle.  Repeat for the second part of the trim.

Glue the trim in place.  I had to shorted one end by about 3mm.

Things not yet done

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