Week 41  This week we get more brass and some ply spacers

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The spacer parts are glued together as per the instructions.  

Then they are glued to the deck.  I've inset them slightly, hoping that I'll have less wood to sand away.  

These parts will get sanded back at the same time as the deck is sanded back to the hull.

Afternote :  It helps to fit these ply parts at the same time as you are doing the planking in issue 26.  These ply parts need to be sanded back so that they are flush with the first planking.  I.e.  Fit them so that they are just proud of the planking, and you only have the corners to sand off.  There is another ply plate to go over the top of these in week 42.  I think you will get a better result if you fit these plates flush with the second layer planking, rather than the frame.

Things not yet done

Issue 11 : Deck supports to add.
Issues 22 to 34 : Planking the hull.
Issue 40 : Fit bulkheads 162.

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