Week 35  This week we get the first of the etched brass bulkheads.

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Here is some general guidance on how I tackled the similar brass parts on the Bismarck


First job, sand the back of the fret to rough up the surface so the glue will hold better.

Then I glued the doors on using super glue.  See the Bismarck pages for more details on this.  http://www.buildthebismarck.co.uk/049.htm

I used Araldite Precision, the 24 hour setting stuff, to glue most of the brass parts in place.  This glues permanently, so there is absolutely no chance of them falling off.  Therefore, make sure you get them right before the glue sets, as you won't get them off again.  Well, not in one piece anyway.  You have plenty of time to get them right with slow setting Araldite.  Use the thinnest smear of glue applied to both the back of the brass, and also the wood as well.  Keep it as thin as possible, and remove any excess before it sets.  You do have to clamp the parts, and I use these brilliant clamps.  The are called Berna Multiclamps and you can find places selling them easily with a Google search.

I added a scrap of wood to make the end bulkheads a bit more secure.

This part was glued with super glue.

The rear bulkhead was done the same way.  I.e. An extra bit of wood, and fitted with super glue.

Ditto this part, but it only needed a very small piece of wood.

Things left to do

Issue 11 : Deck supports to add.
Issues 22 to 34 : Planking the hull.

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