Week 28  This week we get some more ply 'planking'

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The first job is to give the first layer of planking a good sand.  I used 80 grit paper, but this does remove the soft lime planks very quickly, so be careful.  It does make it a relatively quick process though.  It only took me a couple of mornings to sand the hull.  Use a sanding block for all the flat and convex surfaces.  Use a wad of folded sandpaper for the concave surfaces.  A curved cabinet scraper can also be useful for the odd concave spot that needs extra attention.

I sanded the main and fore decks flush with the planking.  I.e.  From the point in the photo below, forward to the bow.  The blocks are also sanded flush with the planks.  These aren't actually supplied until issue 41, but I was working ahead of myself.

The fore deck follows the line of the bow.

Now I'm using the bow parts supplied in issue 65. This is so I can align the ply 'planks' with the bow.  The parts are glued together.  I used Plastiweld, but super glue would be OK as well.

I've glued the bow on with slow setting Araldite.  It looks like the step round the bottom of the hull is far more than the 1mm it should be.  That's going to need some attention (perhaps with some very course sandpaper !)  I positioned the bow as low as it would go so that the deck was flush.  The next step is to let the glue dry and then take stock of where it fits, and where it doesn't.  First glance, it seems to be fitting quite well at the top, with just the big step at the bottom. 

To be continued........

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