Week 22  This week we get the start of the planking

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The first job is to fair the hull frames.  This is to bevel the edges so that the planks lay smoothly across the whole width of the frames, rather than just touching one edge.

This diagram shows what I mean.  

Here are a could of pictures showing the faired hull.

I added the bow piece next.  This needed a bit of trimming to get to fit neatly.  I also had to fair the bottom of the slots it fit's into.  

I did not sand the edges of the deck.  I will run the first layer planking up to the bottom of the deck.  Then the second layer planking will edge the deck.

This is glued in place with PVA, and I held it with pins at an angle.

Her's a close up of how I applied the pins.

Planking.  I think the planking doesn't give a very accurate hull the way they describe the planking.  I.e.  The ply portholes are fitted to the frames, then the first and second planks are fitted round it.  This gives a step of 2.5mm in some places, and 1.5mm in others.  It is far too much.  I think it will be better if you apply the first planking over the whole of the bow and stern areas, then apple the ply porthole on top of that.  Then the second planking is butted up to it, so the step is either 1mm, or is flush with the second planking.  I think this will look better, although it will mean having to fill the excessively deep recess in the plastic bow.  Anyway, watch this space to see how I get on.  It could all end up in tears......... If you want to follow my example, I'd suggest waiting until I've finished to see if it actually works. 

Here is the first plank applied.  As you can see, I've glued and pinned it.  The pins will be removed once the glue is dry.  You will note that I've already applied the ply part from week 23.  It just seemed to make more sense to fit it at the same time I was doing the equivalent parts at the now.

You will need to chamfer the edges of the subsequent planks so that they sit against each other smoothly.  Some of them also need a slight curve sanded on the top edge so that they sit tight against the previous plank without gaps.  You must apply glue to the edges of the planks as well as the frames.  You should also plank both sides evenly.  I.e. Add one plank to the port, then one to the starboard side of the model.  Don't forget to use weatherproof PVA if your going to sail your model.

This is the completed planking for issue 22.  

A Footnote on the planking.  It would be nice to use a more traditional method of planking the hull.  Having the joins all fall on the same frame is not very good as it creates weak points in the planking.  Staggering the joints makes a much stronger job.  However, that is very difficult to achieve with the short lengths of planks supplied, and the relatively thin frames.  Therefore I am having to follow the instructions for the first layer of planks (for the moment at least).

Things left to do

Issue 11 : Deck supports to add.

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