Week 16  This week we get the second set of deck parts

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Now it's time to start fitting the deck.  I lopped the corners off all the deck support beams to make it easier to fit the deck.  

I decided to fit just one pair of the parts 'A' just in front of frame 9.  

I held the support beams in place with pegs and then glued the 5x10mm strip in place.

Then I added the next to support beams and added the next pair of strips.

Then the next set were added.  This completes the support structure for this section.  I had to give the ends of the support beams a little bit of a sand so that they slide in and out easily.

Now the deck can be glued in place.  I applied glue to the support beams and strips, and made sure that none strayed onto the hull structure.  I also carefully lifted the deck off after the glue had been given about 15 mins to dry, just to make sure if hadn't been accidentally glued in place.  Then it was put back and left overnight to dry.

Things not yet done

Issue 1 : Glue frames to keel. : Done.
Issue 2 : Glue frames to keel. : Done.
Issue 3 : Glue frames to keel. : Done.
Issue 4 : Glue frames to keel. : Done.
Issue 5 : Glue frames to keel. : Done, but deck supports still to fix.
Issue 6 : Fit keel pieces and deck supports.
Issue 10 : Deck support to add.
Issue 11 : Deck supports to add.
Issue 13 : Deck beam to add. : Done


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