Week 1.  This is where it all starts with the centre section of the keel and a couple of frames

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The first thing is to draw a line down the centre of the keel, and a line on the centre of the frames.  This will help make sure that the basic framework is straight.

The frames are glued as per instructions, except that I've left he part A off for the moment.  These appear to be guides to keep the deck in place.  However, they will be quite tight and may make it very difficult to actually put the deck on or take it off.  They can easily be fitted at a later date if needed.  I suspect that only a one or two sets will actually be needed.

The frame will not be fitted to the keel until the keel is actually completed.

Things not yet done

Issue 1 : Glue frames to keel. : Done, but deck supports still to fix.

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